The Renče Angling Society manages the Vipava River with all its tributary streams from the dam in Kasovlje to the national border with Italy and the artificial Lake Vogršček.
All tributary streams of the Vipava River are regarded as nursery brooks - that is why fishing in these streams is not permitted.

The Vipava River fishing district is populated by various fish species. Its upper part is populated mainly by salmonids, the central part is populated by salmonids and cyprinds, while the lower part is inhabited mainly by cyprinids.

The Lake Vogršček is ‘reigned’ by cyprinids among which the most attractive ones for sport fishermen are trophy carp and trophy pike.

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The Renče Angling Society with its fifty (50) years of tradition unites lovers of sport fishing.
The members of the three sections (carp, wels catfish and fly-fishing) take care of the repopulation and conservation of indigenous fish species and clean environment in the fishing area managed by the Society.
The waters of the fishing districts managed by the Renče Angling Society can surprise with trophy catches, among which you will find salmonids (marble trout, brown trout, hybrids, rainbow trout, grayling) as well as cyprinids (carp, tench, pike, wels catfish¸, grass carp, barbel, ...).




Price list for fishing

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Selling points:

Guesthouse "Pri Olgi", Vitovlje 73a, 5261 Šempas;  Phone: +386 5 30 88 779
Schedule: Mon: 10-16, Tue : 10-23, Wed: 10-13, Thu - Sun: 10-23

Garni hotel, Bukovica 1, 5293 Volčja Draga, Phone: +386 5 398 54 00
Schedule: every day from 00 to 24:00

Koptex d.o.o., Vodovodna pot 11, 5000 Nova Gorica; Phone: +386 5 330 86 50
Schedule: Mon-Fry: 8.30-19.00 Sat: 8.00-13.00 Sun: Closed

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Garni hotel
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